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23rd January 2017
8th September 2016
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2nd September 2013
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2nd May 2013
22nd February 2013 Daily Mail - Top Universities 'are lowering A-level bar' for State School Pupils
21st February 2013 Telegraph - State School Pupils Get Easier Access to Top Universities
21st February 2013 Times Higher Education - State Entrants to Elite Club Benefit from Easier Access
7th February 2013 Telegraph - Ten Recession-Proof Degree Subjects
23rd October 2012 Telegraph - Top A levels for Degree Courses Revealed
22nd October 2012 Telegraph - Which Degree Courses do your A levels Suit?
20th September 2012 Telegraph - Top 10 Degree Subjects by Lifetime Salary
19th October 2012 Guardian - Students are in the Driving Seat but where are the Instructors?

16th August 2012

Guardian - Clearing 2012 - Students Find Vocational Degrees are Just the Job

26th January 2012

Times Higher Education- Break the supplier chains
18th January 2012 Times Higher Education - Wondering where to study? Ask mum - or a mate

21st December 2011

The Guardian- All I want for Christmas: the higher education wish list
9th November 2011 The Guardian- Communicating the new course fees structure: live chat best bits
24th October 2011 BBC News - Tuition fees: One in ten students could be deterred
12th September 2011 Times Higher Education - Debt, not career prospects, weighs most heavily on students' minds
8th September 2011 Times Higher Education - data release ban threatens choice
24th February 2011 Times Higher Education - the pursuit of hire education
18th March 2010 The Independent
25th February 2010 Times Higher Education
25th February 2010 The Sun
24th February 2010 The Sun
25th February 2010 Financial Times