Introducing Tom, our new student blogger

Monday, June 3, 2013 12:00 AM

Tom, our new student blogger fresh from finishing his exams, introduces himself and begins to share his university application process with us.

As I write this, my AS year has officially ended. Just three hours ago I completed my final exam - English Language, two hours long, questions were likable, can't complain - and now I relax for a two-week break. Not the best way to start my first blog is it, making you all feel profusely jealous of me as I kick my feet up for at least a fortnight. My apologies for that, but like any seventeen-year-old in my position, these past few months have been stressful and I feel a gloat is in order. But don't worry! You'll either be in my position too, relaxing at the end of that horrible exam stage, or almost there. Keep fighting.

My name is Tom, and as previously mentioned I've just finished my AS year at college in Winchester, with my A2 year fast approaching in the next few weeks. After studying a gruelling first year at college I can safely say I love it, and it is far better than any schooling experience I've had before. Studying the dictatorships of Russia and the battles of The Odyssey, coupled with my first love, writing stories, in English has been utterly brilliant. Everyone says that college is fantastic, so long as you're prepared to work. I suppose you've heard that before, but I seriously mean it.

At GCSE level, I was predicted A*s across the board, and ended up getting none of them. I was over-confident and cocky and ended up with grades that, whilst are nothing to scoff at, were not what I theoretically could have had:

  • 4 A's in History, English Literature and Language, and Religious Studies,
  • 4 B's in Maths, Double Science and German,
  • A C in Statistics,
  • and a Merit and a Pass in ICT DiDA.

Not terrible grades whatsoever, and I'm very proud of what I achieved, but I had the mind-set of "if the teachers say I'm good enough, then I'm good enough, now let's sit and eat cake and watch terrible reality television".  Looking back, I regret that hugely.

As of now, I am surrounded by university books, pamphlets and leaflets, dedicated to each individual placement, from Nottingham, to Leeds, and even UCD in Dublin, which is looking very interesting to me, with all six of my choice universities presenting different and all brilliant opportunities that is tough to think about. But a year ago I couldn't have even told you I wanted to go to university, so I must be doing something right.

It took a lot of time; but honestly, if you're struggling to think of your future, don't think of it as an uphill climb, in which you must drag your slumped body up, alone, to decide something to sign your life away. Think of it as a downwards slide, like those metal ones in parks that get really hot in the sun - it will be painful, it'll take a while to actually take the jump, but there'll be a bottom, and it'll come quicker than you can ever imagine: so enjoy it.

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