Zoe blogs about what it's like after submitting your application

Friday, October 4, 2013 12:00 AM

Zoe, one of our student bloggers, shares her experience of submitting her application.

So my UCAS application form has been sent into cyber space…

And what a relief!

Now that I'm on the "other side", I'll let you in on what to expect…

Firstly, when you think that you've finished your personal statement and it's all ready for sending, think again. My personal statement went through so many makeovers that by the time it had been checked a final time (the real final check!) it was so much more structured than before, and really flowed.

The first draft, I'll admit, wasn't great, because my paragraphs didn't connect with each other. I had one for subjects, one for extra-curricular actives etc.

My finished form was organised into examples of skills that I had that would make me a good candidate for my course. This worked much better because I could be specific about my aspirations for the chosen subject rather than ramble on for paragraph after paragraph about things I've done throughout my lifetime.

So I sat in the office, watching nervously as my teacher checked through my details, and when I got the nod, it was a mixed bag of emotions!

When it came to sending the form off to UCAS, I was ecstatic that the time had finally come to start getting excited about the fact that next year I'll be studying as an undergraduate (let's hope!). But at the same time, it really hit me that this was my last year in school. How fast these past few years have gone by! I remember sitting in class as a daydreaming Year 7 thinking about a time when I'd be studying at university, and how I wished it would hurry up. Now it's feels a bit overwhelming that it's nearly here, and the application is finally done.

Taking all this into consideration, I have now been waiting nervously for that moment when I get a reply. It will take time, I realise, but that doesn't stop me from logging onto the UCAS site every now and again, just in case!

The UCAS website is helpful, I must say. It has a section specifically for any questions you may have once you've finished your application, including those about making any changes. It's definitely worth going through everything once you start tracking your application, just for peace of mind.

I hope that my blog on personal statements was helpful and gave you guys that little bit of inspiration to get started, and I'd check out Tom's blog if you haven't already!

All the best!


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