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Thursday, December 5, 2013 12:00 AM

Tom, one of our student bloggers, shares his winning time-management techniques.

Manage your time successfully!

Currently, I’ve been completely swamped with coursework and homework in various subjects or another, and haven’t realised how very close the deadlines are. Well… ironically, I’m going to tell you some winning time-management techniques!

1)     Download ZenWriter. ZenWriter is an online application for your computer that completely and fully immerses you. Imagine Microsoft Word, but full-screen, prettier and has nice tranquil music to suck you in and allow you to become engrossed. It’s surprising just how much you get distracted by, but without the bottom bar, and music already playing for you, you get so much done. If only it could take away your mobile phone from you too!

2)     Turn off your phone! That does not mean on silent. That does not mean out of reach. That means off, and away, put somewhere where it’s an effort to get it, and less effort to actually do the work.

3)     Turn off the WiFi. Social media is the scourge of the current new-age techie-nation. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook; it’s all a distraction, and you have that Business coursework due in a week. And don’t give me that rubbish of ‘needing’ the Internet: you’d be surprised at how good books are at telling you how to do things.

4)     Lock yourself away in a dark, dark room. With less light comes more focus, it’s a scientific fact! (It’s not.) Light draws out the hard-working nature of an individual (it doesn’t) and allows for better and more structured work (I’d like to think). (In truth, I just prefer working in slightly darker environments because it appears to help me with my work. That’s why I tend to do my work in the early mornings or late at night – daylight is for relaxing!)

5)     Don’t moan about procrastination. It’s procrastination in itself! Just get on with it.

And this was my procrastination from my very important History coursework about the Chinese Proletariat Cultural Revolution, and yes, it’s as riveting as it sounds.

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