Our lovely student blogger, Zoe, has top tips for surviving your A level exams

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 12:00 AM

Hi all,

I hope that you are all coping as we come nearer and nearer to the dreaded A-Level exams. Truth be told, I’ve found the past two months extremely difficult as all of my subjects are beginning to feel as though they are drowning me in notes, flash cards and revision timetables. But I’m doing my best to cope by keeping a positive mental attitude. This time last year I can remember the same feelings, and I seemed to get through that! So today I wanted to throw out a few techniques to help you cope when it begins to feel a little too much.

Stay positive – You CAN achieve, you just have to believe in order to give yourself the best chance. Teachers have given you their time to ensure that you are prepared – if you put the effort in, you shouldn’t panic...

Panicking – We all know that exams are stressful, but going into panic can only make things worse and doesn’t allow you to perform at your best.

Keep talking – If at any time you feel overwhelmed or worried, talk to someone. Even if this just means a chat with friends – they know how you feel!

Planning helps you to cope – I hear you groan, but this is essential. You need to be aware of when your exams are and plan a timetable that allows you to cover each sub unit in detail for your exam. Time is of the essence – so better to start early! In these plans, give time to do past papers as this gives you a chance to review your progress.

It’s also a good idea to plan HOW you will revise, as everyone had a strategy that works best for themselves. A few to try:

  • ·       Making short notes
  • ·       Making a glossary
  • ·       Creating a mindmap for each subject
  • ·       Make audio notes and listen to them back
  • ·       Create powerpoints/posters and present them to someone

Give yourself a rest – you need some ‘me’ time. Give yourself the opportunity to keep up your hobbies and socialise with others. This does not only relieve stress, but it allows you to focus on other areas and you can continue to develop further skills.

While revising, have regular breaks – otherwise you feel as though you are fighting with the paper in front of you.

I know that right now it feels as though we are miles away from exams – but it’s scary how they will creep around the corner! I have faith that you will all be super revision students who have the willpower to see through the tough times.

Until next month!


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