Getting Ready for Clearing...

Thursday, July 31, 2014 12:00 AM

If you are reading this at the beginning of August then we assume you are either:

  • A student who thinks they have not done enough to get the necessary grades


  • A student who thinks they have done OK, but is just making sure they know what to do if the unexpected happens.

EVERYONE should do some Clearing research ahead of results day just in case their A-level grades are poorer than expected. It only takes one grade to be lower than your confirmed offer needs for your university place to be in jeopardy… so read the rules below and take action!

Rule 1: Take a Deep Breath.

When you get your results and they are not as good as you hoped, don’t make rash decisions. If you are committed to that course then maybe think about taking a year out and re-taking that exam to make the grade. If you want to go to a particular university, then look at other related courses that it offers that will accept your lower grades. And also take time to think – do you really want to go to university? It’s not the right thing for everyone and there are other options that you may like to consider.

Rule 2: Don’t Panic.

The clearing process is now highly sophisticated and there are lots of tools at your disposal to ensure that, if you get bad news, you don’t miss out on applying for other courses at the same or different universities with your new set of grades.

Rule 3: Be Prepared.

The sun is out and you’ve kicked back after school, but if you have an inkling that all may not be well with your grades then be sensible and do some groundwork NOW - before results are issued - to ensure that you have a go-to list of courses and universities to apply for that are likely to accept your lower grades if the worst happens. In other words, be a bit savvy and get ahead of the rest of your classmates who’ll find themselves doing a headless chicken act on results day.

There are many advice websites that give you the basic step-by-step guides as to how Clearing works (the Telegraph is particularly good), so I won’t repeat all that information here (watch out for next week’s blog!). But if you want the inside track on getting ready for Clearing, then visit before your results come through and do some research into which grades in previous years were accepted for which courses and universities; in terms of helpful, insightful information - this is GOLD! can:

  1. Reveal the grades that were achieved by students accepted on university courses in previous years. For example if you achieve grades BCD and you want to find a university that accepted these grades for their Psychology course, then bestCourse4me can show you.
  2. Help you find a different degree course. It would still be worth talking to your first choice university to see if you can make the switch to another course they offer, but bestCourse4me can list other courses that you’re a-levels would be appropriate for.
  3. Help you find a different university. Your lower grades may still get you onto your subject’s course at another university, so use bestCourse4me’s course finder to find similar courses and put together a shortlist.

Here’s your pre-results to do list:

  1. Check out OTHER courses at the SAME university that you may like to consider
  2. Check out the SAME course at OTHER universities
  3. Go onto bestCourse4me and check out what grades these unis/courses accepted
  4. Download the app which puts all this information at your fingertips.
  5. Have your list of unis and their telephone numbers handy when you get your results.
  6. Research what to do on Results day and how to get the most out of the Clearing websites.

There will be another blog next week to give you the lowdown on the Clearing websites and also a step-by-step guide to what to do on results day.

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