Catlin - our student blogger, gives us her final words of wisdom...

Thursday, April 9, 2015 12:00 AM

At the beginning of Year 12 I was pretty undecided what I was going to do as a long-term career; but then half-way through the first term? Hmm...well, I was still not so sure! Taking a wide range of subjects for AS Level had opened up a lot of possibilities for me, but for a long time I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to study at university (or even if I wanted to go there at all!).

Yep, it is true. There were fleeting thoughts about going on the Dragons’ Den TV programme, with the Dragons clapping their hands and throwing money at me for an idea so simple and yet so tinsel-tipped zippeeddee-do-dah that they were amazed that no human brain had ever thought of it before. And even though my singing voice sounds like a cat caught in a mangle, for a few seconds I confess I did dream of belting out a sassy number on The Voice; all four judges turning around with saying “Wow, you are one Tinselziplip dude, sign this record deal right now”. But then the fantasy bubble burst, and I snapped back into real life.

If this scenario sounds at all familiar, don’t despair. Websites like can be really useful in helping you to find out more about all the options that you are considering (apart from TV talent shows!) so you can weigh things up and make an informed choice. If you’re in Year 12 and thinking about which subjects you might like to stick with for next year, entering possible subject combinations into the Course Finder tool will let you see which degrees and careers they could lead to. Or, if you are someone who has had their life mapped since you were six years old and have your heart set on a particular university and/or degree course, you can use the tool in reverse to see which qualifications would be most beneficial for you to take.

Thinking even further ahead? (some of you will be!). Then also allows you to compare information like graduate employment rates and typical salaries within a wide range of degree courses and career paths. If you’re really torn between a few options, this could be the deal breaker in helping you to make your decision.

Sadly, this will be my last blog. I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you about the ups and downs of life in the sixth form. The only thing left to do is to say good luck to everyone taking exams this year. Go boldly like no boulder has ever gone before! 

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