Advice on Getting Work Experience During Your Holidays

Monday, August 10, 2015 12:00 AM

I’m in the last month of the holidays and results day is crawling closer every day. I’ve just had an exceptionally busy month what with all the work experience I’ve organised. The best thing is that my work experience is in different places so I could keep my options open when it comes to planning my career ahead. If I don’t get the grades in one subject, or change my mind in what I want to do, then I can draw upon the relevant work experience to help me through.

Let me fill you in about my busy June/July schedule: I undertook work experience in a dentist, GP practice and also recently went to a summer school. So altogether I have experience in a pharmacy, opticians, dentist and GP practice. I’m also planning on applying to volunteer at a hospital during the next few months. You should seize every opportunity when it presents itself.

How to go about getting a holiday work placement

If you are in year 11, it would be a good idea if you started organising your work experience now as it will be harder for you to secure placements in years 12 & 13. I’d advise you to try finding work experience in different places as I have done (that’s if you are not 100% sure about what career path you want to take). So just to make things slightly easier for you, I’ll briefly outline which types of work experience will be relevant for your course/career:

If you want a career as doctor or want to study any medical subject

Look for placements at a pharmacy, GP practice, hospital, care home etc. You just need to show that you can cope in a health related environment and are willing to help people.


Try to find a work experience role as a teaching assistant so you can closely work with the teachers.

And so on…

It’s pretty easy once you understand the basic concepts. Just research what skills your course/career requires and then do some research into local companies who can give you a couple of weeks of work experience that allows you to develop/improve these skills.


  • Holidays are an excellent opportunity for gaining some work experience
  • Make a list of the different types of work experience you want to try out
  • Apply to various places – don’t worry if you get turned down, keep trying!
  • BUT don’t be disheartened when you are turned down, this should make you even more determined to secure a placement
  • When you do secure some work experience, remember to carry out your duties with style and efficiency; so if you ever need more work experience in the same field, you can call upon a good reference
  • The chances are you will be doing fairly menial stuff (as it’s not a ‘job’) but ask if you can shadow someone or do a specific project. Show initiative.
  • After your work experience ends make sure you write down the new skills you have acquired and what you did during your time at your placement. Get a reference if possible.

And that’s about it from me. I hope this helped and now I just need to live the next week or so in constant stress L. GOOD LUCK for all those doing who are going to get their results in 2 weeks.

Take care and enjoy your summer holidays. See you all back after the long holz. Keep me in your thoughts.

By Maihvish, Student Blogger

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