Choosing the right university course – Part 4

Thursday, October 8, 2015 12:05 PM

Over the past few days we’ve been giving advice on how to choose what to study at university. By using the hard data on you can make truly informed decisions.

Here’s how can help you find out what to study

On the our website you can start your search with the course finder tool using your A-level subjects, or by searching the career you’re interested in, or by the degree courses you are considering, or the university you are thinking of applying to. All these are linked so you can identify your clear path from A-level via university to career and also see likely graduate earnings too. If nothing else focuses your mind, then this will! For example: if you are interested in studying English and thinking about a degree in journalism, you will be able to see the most popular A-level subjects that journalism students studied, you can see what grades were accepted at the universities that offer this course, and you can check out the likely starting salary for journalism graduates from all these universities. Once you have identified your course, you can then research online to get a breakdown of the course content at your preferred universities and see what their graduate employment rates are for your chosen courses.

Tomorrow we’ve got a really great little exercise that you can do to help make up your mind…

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