Top Careers and Salaries for History Graduates

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 12:00 AM

Careers for History Graduates


Studying History at university is a great way to develop your research, analytical, teamwork and communication skills, but what sorts of careers does it lead to? Humanities subjects like History don’t prepare graduates to do a specific job in the way an engineering degree or a degree in medicine will. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t have a fun and interesting career as a result.


Top Professions for History Graduates by Age



If you are studying history but not sure of what career path to follow, then the chart above tells you that you are not alone! Not surprisingly, the first jobs history grads hold out of university are primarily administrative and sales roles, although almost 30% of new graduates go into teaching straight away.


But don’t let the thought of a career in administration get you down! The chart above shows that the professions of history graduates change as they get older, when they move into exciting roles in business, management/directors, artistic/media careers and law, as well as a large number staying in teaching.


The skills that you developed at university will be very useful in whatever career you are considering. It is common for history graduates to take entry-level roles in these professions and then progress up the ladder. This will give you valuable time to get to know your new industry to see if you are a good fit and will also give you the opportunity to see some new career horizons – you may like the look of the marketing role, or perhaps you are drawn to the legal side of things, or maybe you have sales skills that emerge unexpectedly!


Salaries for History Graduates by Age



So now that you know what kind of careers history graduates have, you’re probably interested to see what kind of salary you can expect. As you can see from this graph, you can expect to earn around £18,000 as a new graduate, but that jumps up alot by the time history grads are 30 years old when they are making to over £29,000 per year on average. Eventually, history graduates’ salaries peak at an average £42,000 per year.


You can find out more information on where to study history, the best university courses in terms of graduate jobs and the relevant grades you’ll need for your chosen university at



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