4 jobs for anyone with a passion for writing

Thursday, March 17, 2016 12:30 PM

Many people dream about writing while earning a living. This career has changed with the dawn of social media and digital marketing, and today you will be mainly writing for an online source. As an employed writer, your job is to show the best side of a company or product through words. This can be done in different ways, and we have listed some of the most popular for you.


Content writer

Being a content writer obviously involves writing but your responsibilities can also include reporting, SEO, and pulling together research. The content you write can be anything from introductions to landing pages, articles, press releases, how-to guides, and even social media posts.


It is important to advertise yourself and your skills if you are looking to begin a career as a content writer, which can be done by for example starting your own blog. Take something your passionate about, anything from a hobby to your favourite band, and devote yourself to updating your blog as regularly as possible. This will showcase not only your writing skills, but your tenacity and self-starting skills.


Technical writer

A technical writer is essentially a content writer that specialises in one, technical, subject area. In a nutshell this job entails taking complicated content and making it readable and easier to digest for differently-targeted readers, such as beginners or more experienced users. The content could for example be user guides.


Again, it is important to work on your personal brand. One way could be to assemble a portfolio of writing that showcases your abilities. Also if you do not already, you should preferably have a degree in the subject area you are hoping to write about.



This job is perfect for those who were hoping to be authors but are finding it a struggle to establish themselves and finding success. When you are a ghostwriter you get to interview interesting and sometimes influential people and play out their lives in writing.


You normally do not get much of the credit as a ghostwriter, but you get the experience and do not have to do any of the marketing - which is a bonus for many. As with other writing jobs, having a well taken care of blog can help you get a start in this career.


Personal relations

PR is more focused on events and traditional marketing than the jobs listed so far. As part of a PR team you will put together press kits, writing press releases, and liaising with media contacts and journalists to gain as much exposure as possible.


This role hinges on communication skills and organisation skills, and you can choose to work for an agency or in-house. You are more likely to be part of a big team at an agency, and if you choose to take the in-house route you are more likely to be given more responsibilities quickly.


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