In her final blog, Emily passes on revision hints and tips

Monday, May 16, 2016 10:00 AM

I’m sure that many of you are in full swing of revision for exams because THEY START THIS MONTH! I thought that I’d do my final blog about how my revision is going and pass on some tips that may help. I actually have the whole of May free with my first two exams on June 8th. Overall I have 12 exams (6 Maths, 2 Biology and 3 Chemistry and 1 AS Retake) so I have been constantly switching up which exam/ subject I am revising for so that I’m not just focusing on the first few because they are all so close together.


Subject tips

For Chemistry, I have found that the best way for me to revise is by using the CGP revision guides and then do lot’s of past papers. Also, one of our teachers has started setting us revision lessons where we each get a topic and then deliver a twenty-minute revision lesson to the rest of the class, which has been quite beneficial!


For Maths and Further Maths, I have pretty much just been doing past paper after past paper! It’s such a process-based subject that I find the repetitiveness is what helps me most. If I find something I’m particularly weak at however, I do go over my text book to revise it.


Biology is a tricky one for me. There’s just so much content and I find that while past papers still help, the questions aren’t as repetitive as maths and chemistry so they don’t work as well. For this subject, I make revision cards from my text book and do a lot of reading and memorising.


Revision tips

Here are some tips that I have found really help for revision:


Read the question! We’ve all done it, so just make sure that you take your time and fully comprehend what the question wants from you before just diving straight in.


Take care of yourself; It’s all very good to stay up all night cramming and not take breaks but it won’t do you any good. Make sure you get enough fresh air, food, water and sleep so you’re on top form for exam season, (and if you have hay fever etc don't forget your medication!).


Plan your answers; For essay based subjects, planning and time management are key requirements. Ensure that you have a clear layout of what you’re writing and make sure everything is relevant in your answer. Also, divide your time appropriately to the number of marks a question is worth.


Quantity vs. Quality; Usually there is much more space/many more lines than is actually necessary. Don’t waffle or contradict yourself just to fill the space, make sure your answers are concise and state the obvious. Don’t miss easy marks. Saying that though, if you need to, don’t be afraid to ask for extra supplementary paper if you want.


Distractions; Don’t get hung up on what other people are doing in the exam hall, focus on yourself and YOUR exam only! Also, don’t get distracted by the clock or staring out of the window etc. Use the time you have appropriately.


To finish off, don’t forget to reread over your answers if you have time at the end and also don’t get too hung up if you can’t answer a question; skip it, move on and go back if you have enough time.


Good luck to everyone with exams and uni applications this summer! Don’t forget, once exam season is over you’ll have plenty of time to have fun and enjoy yourselves! Make it count.


Goodbye and good luck, Emily

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