The South East Dominates in Average Salaries - a comparison of regional salaries for graduates and non-graduates

Wednesday, September 7, 2016 12:00 AM


Chart 6 - median salary by region

Chart 6 compares the salary outcomes of all UK graduates, Million+ Group graduates, Russell Group graduates and non-graduates by region of residence. There is a map with the LFS regions shown.

Non-graduates make a similar salary across the country but there is a significant difference in graduate salaries across the regions

The salary for non-graduates is pretty consistent across the regions, but the salaries of graduates can vary significantly. The most obvious example is Russell Group graduates, who, not surprisingly, have high salary outcomes in London and the Southeast compared to the other groups, but also perform very well in the area categorised as ‘the Rest of North West’ (which excludes Great Manchester and Merseyside).

Salary outcomes linked to institution groups get smaller as you leave the South East

In general, the differences in salary outcomes linked to institution group become less significant the further you get from London. For example, Russell Group graduates in Inner London make 45% more that Million + graduates, but in the West Midlands the salary difference between those two groups’ graduates is only 8%.

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