For careers advisors and teachers

How can bestCourse4me help you and your students?

bC4me is a tool to help students decide what their options are in the future and, if applicable, what to study at university. Using our Explorer tool your students are able to see what path they need to take to reach their career goals.

Whether you are working with students deciding on their A-level choices, degree course choices or on a career path bC4me can help. There are several different ways to use our tool:

Choosing the Right A-Levels

  • If you’re students know what career they would like to pursue after their education they can select the career they would like and then find out if what university courses help you achieve that career if any. This enables your students to work backwards and find out what A-Levels are required to be accepted on that particular university course.
  • If your students are unsure what they would like to do after education. They could use the A-Level Tab to insert hypothetical subjects they think they would enjoy. From there students could see what possible university courses, and ultimately career, would be available to them based on these A-Level choices.

Choosing the Right University Course

  • Get your students to input their A-level subjects and predicted or achieved grades into our course search tool to see what university courses are available to them base on the subjects they are studying helping them to decide what to study at university. 
  • If your students are weighing up if University is right for them or not use our Career tab to select what career they want to achieve. Using the latest statistics our reports (under the See and Print Everything Tab) will show what university courses helped graduates achieve that job role and compare the salary income of graduates versus non graduates. 

Choosing the Right Career Path

  • If your students are coming to the end of university, they are likely to be thinking about their next step. Do they continue their education to a Post Graduate course or do they dive into the world of employment? By selecting which degree they have chosen your students can see what career paths are open to them. Our reports also show statistics of the level of educations those in that profession hold.

What Do Your Reports Show?

There are many ways in which you can use our course finder tool. Depending on how you use our tool will give you determine the information outputted. Below you will see a breakdown of statistics generated as part of each type of report enabling you and your students to find the most appropriate for your needs.

Selecting A-levels

  • Most Popular degree’s based on selected A-levels

Selecting Degree

  • A-levels required
  • % of employment post-graduation
  • % of unemployment post-graduation
  • First Careers after graduating
  • Starting Salaries
  • Average Lifetime pay

Selecting University

  • Education background for select University (Private vs. State)
  • Degree Grade Obtained
  • University Location
  • % of employment post-graduation
  • % of unemployment post-graduation
  • Starting Salaries for selected University

Selecting a Career

  • Degrees Studied for chosen career
  • Qualification
  • Proportion in career who are graduates
  • Trend in Proportion who are graduates
  • Average Starting Salaries over time
  • Average Life time pay

What Resources Do You Have Available?

For Career Advisors and Teachers we have a range of facts and goodies designed to assist you in educating students of their options at each stage of their education. Take a look at our Resources for Schools for a full list of material where you will find everything from lesson plans to a teacher’s guide to student finance and booking bC4me for a School talk.

What is the ‘Best’ Course?

The best course entirely depends on the student looking for the course and what appeals to them. As part of our tool we provide you and your students with the latest statistics from comparing salaries and employment statistics associated with the different courses to enable your students to make a calculated decision on what is the best course for them.