Be Deadline ready: this month's student e-newsletter tells you how

Here at bestCourse4me there's nervous excitement in the air as we enter deadline territory. We're fast approaching the first one, that's right, October 15th marks the cut-off point for Oxbridge and many medical degree applications.Put it in your diary, write it on the back of your hand, whatever it takes to make sure you don't forget that date. Even for those of you who don't plan on extracting tonsils in the merry quads of Cambridge*, you might want to pull your finger out, as many other students are applying now. Meanwhile, UCAS has just told us that the number of students that started university this year was up by 4% and is set to increase again next year.

Even if you're in Year 12, it's not too early to start thinking about your strategic POA (plan of action) for this time next year by looking at universities, thinking about your career choices, what course might be right for you, or even putting together a budget.

*Disclaimer - You are not actually at risk of a deranged classmate forcibly removing your tonsils if you go to Cambridge

This month
What to think about if you're starting year 12

You'd be forgiven for thinking that with just under a year to go until your first application deadline looms, you've got lots of time to do more important things such as; collecting stamps, learning that dance routine, starting your own band or watching the entire Breaking Bad box set in a day. While all of these are perfectly legitimate and enjoyable ways of occupying your spare time, choosing a degree course is easier if you take the time to do it right.

Maybe you've already got a career in mind, but don't know what you need to get there. Perhaps you know what subject you love, but don't know what kind of job it can lead to. Either way searching for careers has been made even easier on our careers page. We have added thousands of new career names to the search function, so you're guaranteed to find the career you're interested in.

If the process is all a bit overwhelming, we've just added a Careers How-To video. It gives you a step-by-step guide on how to use the site to find the right pathway to your favourite careers.
If choosing a
 career is old news and you're already looking at universitiesit can be easy to get lost. With over 140 different universities offering thousands of different degrees, you're spoilt for choice. One useful tool for narrowing down your choices is the Push Uni Chooser.


What to think about if you're starting year 13

October 15th is the first deadline in the UCAS calendar. To make sure you don't miss anything this application season, check out our timetable of application deadlines here.

This month is important even if you aren't considering Oxbridge, medical, dentistry or veterinary science courses. Many students applying for these will submit their whole UCAS application at this stage. Universities usually start filtering applications as soon as they start getting them and you don't want to wait until the official deadline on January 15th. By then many will be all but full. The sooner you get it sorted, the sooner you can sit back and wait for responses to roll in. To give your personal statement the edge, check out our latest blog, Tips for Writing Your Personal Statement.

Even after you've submitted your UCAS application there are still things 
you can do to prepare yourself for the transition into student life.

Maybe you're worried about the 'debt' you're going to accumulate while at university; rather than assuming the foetal position, whispering "debt... debt...", it's far more useful to find out what this means for you. You can start putting together a budget now with the help of the Student Money Calculator. Or Natwest's handy student living index shows what current students spend their money on.

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In the news
My Mom Ate My Homework
Well, not quite, but a recent study has given thousands of students the excuse they have been waiting a lifetime for. A lovely man called Dr Martijn Finken has found that low thyroxine levels during pregnancy can lead to children beingworse at maths. Surely that's a good enough excuse to get out of a whole term of maths homework? No? Well, we tried. 
The Early Bird Gets The... Marks?
Professor David Arnott has found that the later you submit your work, the lower your scores. D'oh! The prof says students who submitted their assignments 24 hours before the deadline scored, on average, 64%, but students who got their assignment in 1 minute before the deadline had an average score of 59%. That's whole percent lower. Maybe we'll switch our computer on instead of watching the British Bake Off final again...   
Mo' Money Mo' Problems
Don't worry, it's not just you that is worried about the costs of going to university. NCFE (the Northern Council for Further Education) recently found that nearly half of all adults choose not to further their education because of the costs alone. This means the attention is beginning to fall back on job-related courses, with demand for vocational degrees predicted to peak in 2050. The second and third biggest reasons for people choosing not to do more study were age and family commitments.