The latest student newsletter is out!

Our August student newsletter is out!

So here it is. The Big One. Results.

If you're going into year 13, now's the perfect time to reflect on your grades and start exploring what uni courses are available to you.

If you have just finished year 13, results are just around the corner and we're here to help you with last minute checks, whether you're accepting your course or what to do if you didn't get the place you hoped for.

And if you're just starting year 12, why not get started early. For anyone receiving results this month, there's no more crucial a time to explore the whatwhere and whether of your future study plans.

What to think about if you're starting year 13
What to think about if you've just finished year 13
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This month
What to think about if you've just finished year 13

Results are mere days away and if you're thinking of going to uni this September, whether results day is a dream come true, or a nightmare scenario, we are here to help.

Firstly, Johnny Rich from Push has written a great blog on how to reply to offers. Once results are in, you have two options:

If you got the grades you needed: Then it’s a big pat on the back and off you go to uni. You've still got a month or so until you start, so why not balance time in the sun with doing some last minute checks on where your course can take you, so you're all clued up.

If you didn't get your grades: don't worry. We've got some blogs to help with Getting Ready for Clearing and What to do on the big day, so it works for you. There's some advice on clearing (applications for courses that still have last minute places) and, back by popular demand, is our hugely popular 'Clearing Course Finder'. Simply key in your A-level subjects and the grades you achieved, plus the subject you want to study at uni. Our Course Finder will show you a list of unis worth approaching for a clearing place.

What to think about if you're starting year 13

Yes, there's still a few weeks of holidays left (and enjoy them, we say), but the uni application process (UCAS) kicks into gear pretty sharpish come the start of year 13. If you want to get into Oxbridge, medicine, veterinary science or dentistry your application needs to be in by 15th October. For most other courses, the deadline is 15th January 2015. Those dates may seem a way away, but with classes, coursework, birthdays/bar mitzvahs/weddings, nights out and time spent playing Angry Birds, it's never too soon to get focused. And it's a serious mistake to wait till anywhere close to the deadline to get your application in.

So, now's a great time to be thinking about two of the big questions: what do you want to study and where do you want to study it?

First up, choose a course you’d be happy doing. You’re going to spend a lot of time and money on this. It might as well be something you enjoy... otherwise, why bother? If you enjoy your course, it'll set you up for a rewarding career afterwards. Bear in mind that no two degrees are the same, even if they've got the same name. Studying history at Essex might be completely different from history at Exeter, just as Birmingham's very different from Brighton (you get the idea).  Once you've sent off your UCAS application, hopefully you'll start getting offers. Johnny Rich from Push has some tips on what to do when you start receiving them.
Once you know what you want to study, there are around 140 unis to choose from (and hundreds of other colleges and institutions). Choose the one that's right for you: the one that best matches your needs both in and outside the classroom. Check out the Uni Chooser from our friends over at Push - it may help you make an ordered shortlist of those that will suit your needs best. 

About to start Year 12? Why not check out the bestCourse4me website to see where your A Levels could take you.

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In the news
The importance of work experience
A survey of 4,000 students at 20 univerisites showed that 93% understand the importance of work experience and internships when it comes to getting the kind of jobs they want.  Aaron Porter, who wrote the report for NCUB (a group that links unis and employers), also said that job prospects influence which uni students choose. Nearly two out of every three said it was a factor - and over a third said that what they might earn in the future also affected their choice.
Spy masters: course code 007
Top secret Intelligence agency GCHQ has given six UK universities the go-ahead to teach specialist master's degree courses to future internet security experts. The degrees form part of the UK's cyber security strategy, which says education is key to busting online fraud and hackers. So if you fancy being a cross between James Bond and Bill Gates, the six unis are Edinburgh Napier, Cranfield, Univesity of Surrey, Lancaster, Oxford and Royal Holloway, University of London. However, because they're postgraduate master's degrees, you'll need to get a regular undergraduate degree (ie a first degree) before you can start.
Two-thirds of graduates get high-skilled jobs
A Government study says that 66% of graduates (people who've been to uni) aged 25-30 are in high-skilled employment. However, this is down from 71% in 2008.